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Barbecue Ribs (American Meat)
'Quick 'N Easy' Oven Beef Stew (American Meat)
1-2-3 Bars (American Bars)
7-Up Cake (American Cakes)
ABT'S(atomic buffalo turds) (American Appetizers)
Almond Bark Pretzels (American Desserts)
Appetizer Cheesecake (American Appetizers)
Apple Butter Spice Cake (American Cakes)
Apple Cake (American Cakes)
Apple Cobbler (American Desserts)
Apple Fritters (American Desserts)
Apple Pie (American Pies)
Apple Pie in a Bag (American Pies)
Bacon ranch potato salad (American Salads)
Baked French Fries (American Other)
Baked wild rice pancakes (American Rice)
Banana Bars (American Appetizers)
Banana Bread (American Quick Bread)
Banana Bread (American Yeast Bread)
Banana Bread (American Appetizers)
Banana Bread Pudding (First Prize Winner) (American Desserts)
Banana Butterfinger Cake (American Cakes)
Banana Nut Bread (American Quick Bread)
Banana Nut Bread (American Quick Bread)
Banana-Chocolate Chip Bread (American Bread Machine)
Barbecued Chicken (American Poultry)
Barbecued Chicken Sandwiches (American Sandwiches)
Barbecued Ribs (American Meat)
Barley and Corned Beef Casserole (American Casserole)
Basic Pasta Dough (American Pasta)
BBQ Green Beans (American Vegetables)
BBQ Ribs (American Appetizers)
Bean Casserol (American Casserole)
Bean Soup (American Soups)
Beef Barley Stew (American Soups)
Beer Batter (American Fish)
Beer Batter (American Fish)
Best Fruit Cake Ever (American Cakes)
Big Nick's BBQ Sauce (American Sauces)
Billys sloppy joes (American Sandwiches)
Blonde Brownie (American Bars)
Blue Ribbon Chili (American Soups)
Boot's Barbeque Sauce (American Sauces)
Bread and Butter Pickles (American Canning)
Breadmaker Bread (American Bread Machine)
Breakfast Sticky Buns (American Other)
Broccoli Soup (American Soups)
Buttermilk Cheese Biscuits (American Quick Bread)
Cake (American Cakes)
Candy Cane Cake (American Cakes)
Cappucino (American Beverages)
Caramel M&M Fudge Brownies (American Bars)
Carrot Cake (American Cakes)
Cheese Bread (American Other)
Cheese Bread (American Quick Bread)
Cheeseeee Hashbrown Potatoes (American Hot Dish)
Cheesy Bread (American Appetizers)
Chicken & Rice Dinner (American Poultry)
Chicken Kiev (American Poultry)
Chicken Soup (American Soups)
Chili & Cheese Dip (American Appetizers)
Chinese Salad Dressing (American Salads)
Chocolate (American Cakes)
Chocolate 'n' Oat Bars (American Bars)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (American Cookies)
Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake (American Cakes)
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Pie (American Pies)
Chocolate Pizza (nice looking at Christmas) (American Desserts)
Chocolate Pudding Cake (American Quick Bread)
Cinnamon Bread (American Bread Machine)
Cinnamon Bread Glaze (American Sauces)
Cinnamon Rolls (American Bread)
Cinnamon Thumbs (American Cookies)
Coleslaw (American Salads)
Cookies (American Cookies)
Cornbread Dressing (American Other)
Cranberry Mousse (American Desserts)
Creamy Broccoli Bake (American Appetizers)
Creamy Eggnog (American Other)
Creamy Macaroni and Cheese (American Pasta)
Creme-de-Mint (American Cakes)
Crockpot Sweet and Sour Short Ribs (American Meat)
Crockpot Taco Soup (American Soups)
Date Bars (American Bars)
Date Filled Cookies (1925) (American Cookies)
Date Nut Bread (American Yeast Bread)
Deb's Spicy Wild Rice Hot Dish (American Hot Dish)
Debbie (American Vegetables)
Decent Chili (American Soups)
Deluxe Fajita Nachos (American Appetizers)
Deviled Eggs (American Eggs)
Dog Biscuits (American Other)
Donuts - Droped Using a Machine (American Desserts)
Double-Frosted Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (American Cookies)
Dream Bars (American Bars)
Dump Cake (American Cakes)
Easy Breakfast Pie (American Pies)
Easy Broccoli Soup (American Soups)
Easy To Make Chili (American Soups)
Egg Bake (American Eggs)
Egg Dumplings (American Other)
Exceptional Beans (American Other)
Fake Fried Chicken (American Meat)
Fantastic French Toast (American Other)
Fat's Blended Coffee (American Beverages)
Fiesta Soup (American Soups)
Fish Beer Batter (American Fish)
Flavorful Spinach (American Vegetables)
Four-Cheese Manicotti (American Meat)
French Onion Soup (American Soups)
Fresh Peach Cobbler (American Desserts)
Fresh Strawberry Pie (American Pies)
Frito Ole' (American Appetizers)
Fruit Pizza (American Desserts)
Fudgy Oatmeal Cookies (American Cookies)
Garlic Cheese Puffs (American Bread)
Garlic Chicken Soup (American Soups)
Ginger Snaps (American Cookies)
Glazed Chocolate Pound Cake (American Cakes)
Gram's Hobo Dinner (American Meat)
Great White Bread(Awesome) (American Quick Bread)
Greek-Style Chicken (American Meat)
Grilled Cheese (American Cheese)
Grilled Glazed Chicken (American Meat)
Guba's Banana Cream Pie (American Pies)
Guba's Mock Apple Pie (American Pies)
Gum Drop Cake (American Quick Bread)
Ham and Cheese Strata (American Eggs)
Hamburger Appetizer (American Appetizers)
Happy Hippo's Honey Hermits (American Appetizers)
Hard-Boil Eggs (American Eggs)
Hawaiian Punch -Grape Wine (American Beverages)
Haystacks (American Desserts)
Hearty Beef Soup (American Soups)
Hearty Chicken Vegetable Chili (American Soups)
Heavenly Cake (American Cakes)
Herb Roast Beef (American Meat)
Herbed Bread Stuffing (American Other)
Herbed Corn on the Cob (American Vegetables)
Herbed Roast Beef (American Meat)
Hershey Pie (American Pies)
hi (American Bars)
Hidden Choc Mint Cookies (American Cookies)
Holiday Rum Cake (American Desserts)
Holly's Best Barbecued Beef (American Meat)
Homemade Pasta (American Pasta)
Homemade Salted Nut Rolls (American Candy)
Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup (American Soups)
Hot and Spicy Spareribs (American Meat)
Hot Fudge Sauce (American Sauces)
Hummingbird Cake (American Cakes)
Hunting Shack Chicken Wings (American Appetizers)
Ice Cream Cake (American Desserts)
Iced Pumpkin Cookies (American Cookies)
Impossible Cheeseburger Pie (American Meat)
Impossibly Easy Pumpkin Pie (American Pies)
Irish Cream (Like Baileys) (American Beverages)
Jen's Peanut Butter Cups (American Candy)
Johnson's Salted Nut Rolls (American Candy)
Kids sweet tooth sandwick (American Sandwiches)
Little Smokies (American Appetizers)
Lori's Famous Green Beans (American Vegetables)
Lori's Famous Macaroni and Cheese (American Pasta)
Lori's Famous Meatloaf (American Meat)
Louisana (American Soups)
Mac & Cheese (American Casserole)
Main Whoopie Pies (American Cookies)
Maple Glazed Ham (American Meat)
Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake (American Cakes)
Marie Weast (American Desserts)
Marinated Mushrooms (American Appetizers)
Meat Loaf (American Meat)
Meat Pies (American Meat)
Meaty Wild Rice Hotdish (American Hot Dish)
Mexican Dip (American Hot Dish)
Miniature French Breakfast Puffs (American Other)
Mississippi Delta Cathead Biscuits (American Quick Bread)
Mom's Sloppy Jo's (American Meat)
Monkey Bread (American Desserts)
Monster Cookie (American Cookies)
Mystery Pecan Pie (American Pies)
Nashville House Fried Biscuits (American Other)
Neiman Marcus Cookies (Recipe may be Halved) (American Cookies)
Neiman-Marcus Cookie (American Cookies)
No Bake Cookies (American Cookies)
No Bake Pineapple Cream Cake (American Cakes)
No Yolk Deviled Eggs (American Eggs)
No-Bake Cheesecake (American Desserts)
Non-Alcoholic Margarita Punch (American Beverages)
Non-dairy Chocolate Cake (American Cakes)
Nut Bar (American Bars)
Nut Goodie Bars (American Bars)
Oatmeal Bread (American Bread)
Oatmeal Cake (American Cakes)
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (American Cookies)
Orange Julius (American Beverages)
Orange Sherbert (American Desserts)
OREO Cookies & Cream Frappe (American Beverages)
Oven Baked Chicken (American Poultry)
Overnite Buns (American Yeast Bread)
Oyster Cracker Treat (American Appetizers)
Peach Cobbler (American Appetizers)
Peachy Bread Pudding (American Desserts)
Peanut Blossoms (American Cookies)
Peanut Butter - Fudge Crunchy Snack (American Desserts)
Peanut Butter Fudge (American Candy)
Peanut Butter Fudgies (American Desserts)
Peanut Chewies (American Desserts)
Peanutbutter Smores (American Appetizers)
Pecan Chocolate Chip Pie (American Pies)
Pecan Pie (American Pies)
Pecan Tarts (American Desserts)
Pickled Eggs (American Canning)
Pickled Fish (American Fish)
Pilgrim Stuffing (American Poultry)
Pineapple Zucchini Bread (American Quick Bread)
Pizza Casserole (American Casserole)
Polish Mistakes (American Appetizers)
Pomanders (American Desserts)
Poor Mans Pasty - Dinner in a Bag (American Meat)
Popovers Made Easy (American Appetizers)
Potato Casserole (American Casserole)
Potato Casserole (American Casserole)
Potica Coffee Cake (American Yeast Bread)
Princess Diana's Wedding Cake (American Cakes)
Pumpkin Bread (American Quick Bread)
Pumpkin Cake (American Desserts)
Pumpkin Cheesecake (American Cakes)
Pumpkin Dessert (American Desserts)
Pumpkin Spice Bars (American Desserts)
Pumpkin Spice Bread (American Other)
Puppy Chow ( Sweet Minglers) (American Desserts)
Puppy Chow (Monkey Chow) (American Desserts)
Rasberry Tang (American Salads)
Raspberry Ribbon Pie (American Pies)
Reese's Peanut Butter Pie (American Pies)
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Knockoff (American Candy)
Rhubarb Upside Down Cake (American Cakes)
Rice Krispes (American Candy)
Ritz Cookies (American Cookies)
Roasted Toasted Chicken Sandwich (American Casserole)
Roasted Vegetables (American Vegetables)
Rose's Rigotte (American Rice)
Rutabaga Casserole (American Casserole)
Salted Nut Rolls (American Candy)
Sarma's (Pigs in the Blanket) (American Other)
Sarmas (Pigs in a Blanket) (American Other)
Sarmas (Pigs in a blanket) (American Other)
Sausage-Cheese Balls, Texas Style (American Appetizers)
Savory Chicken (American Meat)
sfezef (American Bars)
Shawn's Tator Tot Hot Dish (American Hot Dish)
Shishkabob Marinade (American Meat)
Slow Cooker Chili (American Soups)
Smothered Chicken (or grouse) (American Poultry)
Snickers Candy Bar Salad (American Salads)
Sourdough Bread (American Yeast Bread)
Sourdough Buttermilk Biscuits (American Other)
Sourdough Pancakes (American Other)
Sourdough Starter (American Yeast Bread)
Spaghetti O's (American Pasta)
Spaghetti Salad (American Salads)
Spaghetti Squash (American Vegetables)
SPAMWICHES (American Sandwiches)
Spanish Rice (American Rice)
Special BarBeQue Sauce (American Sauces)
Special K Bars (American Bars)
Spicy Barbeque Nuts (American Other)
Spinach Artichoke Bisque (American Soups)
Star Sugar Cookies (American Cookies)
Strawberry / Banana Smoothie (American Ice Cream)
strawberry smoothie (American Beverages)
Stuffed Zucchini Parmesan (American Vegetables)
Submarine Sandwich (American Sandwiches)
Summer Sauage (Jerky) (American Meat)
Summer Sausage (American Appetizers)
Super Easy Chicken & Pasta (American Pasta)
Super-Easy Chili (American Soups)
Susan's Pretzel Hugs (American Desserts)
Sweet & Sour Meatloaf (American Meat)
Sweet & Sour Rice (American Rice)
Sweet Pickled Beets (American Canning)
Swiss Cheese Potatoes (American Hot Dish)
Swiss Steak (American Meat)
Taco Pie (American Pies)
Taco Soup (American Soups)
Taconite Tator Hot Dish (American Casserole)
Tammy's Sweet & Sour Chicken Drummies/Wings (American Appetizers)
Tater Tot Casserole (American Casserole)
tatertothotdish (American Casserole)
Tequilaberry Salad (American Salads)
Tessa's Coconut Macaroons (American Cookies)
Texas Barbecue Sauce (American Sauces)
Texas Hash (American Hot Dish)
The Best Ham (American Meat)
The Best Sloppy Joes (American Hot Dish)
Tina's Cherry Surprise Cookies (American Cookies)
Tom and Jerry Mix (American Beverages)
Triple Layer Brownie Cake (American Cakes)
Turtle Bars (American Bars)
Turtles (American Desserts)
Ultimate Choco-Chip Cookie (American Cookies)
Valley's Vegetable Medley De (American Vegetables)
Vegetable Dip (American Vegetables)
Veggie Mushroom Dish (American Hot Dish)
Veggie Pizza (American Appetizers)
Warm and Spicy Autumn Punch (American Beverages)
WG Chili (American Hot Dish)
White Bread (Good) (American Bread Machine)
White Chili (American Soups)
Wild Rice Cheese's Soup (American Soups)
Wild Rice Floret Bake (American Rice)
Wild Rice Hotdish (American Hot Dish)
Wild Rice Soup (American Soups)
Yeast Raised Biscuits (American Yeast Bread)
Yummy Mud Pie (American Pies)
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