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Iron-Range Schools:

Eveleth / Gilbert
Greenway / Coleraine
Mesabi East
Mountain Iron
Nashwauk / Keewatin
Tower / Soudan
Alumni Listing For Eveleth
[1930] Siegel, John S. Email
[1936] Preston, formerly Poznanovic, Michael Dan Email - Homepage
[1940] Jarnstrom, Raymond R "Ray" Email
[1941] Ahlstrand, Jeanne (Johnson) Email
[1946] (jarnstrom) Bullert, Mona (Strom) Email
[1946] Babiracki, Doris L. "Ike" (Ikola) Email
[1946] Johnson, Bruce Owen "Buneye" Email
[1947] Karvala, Curtis Arnold "Curt" Email
[1948] Carlson, Jacqueline Ann "Jackie" (Byron) Email
[1948] Kokal, Ronald Email
[1950] Nelson, John G. Email
[1950] Williams, James A. Email
[1950] Sparn, Yvonne N "(new e-mail address)" (DeYoannes) Email
[1950] Okoren, Mary Ann "pirjie" (Pirjevec) Email
[1950] Nelson, John G. Email
[1952] Hallstrom, Bob "joe" Email - Homepage
[1953] Fischer, James Robert "Jim" Email
[1954] Kloiber, Robert "Bob" Email
[1956] Kangas, Don E. Email
[1956] Lampinen, Gary John Email
[1956] Pellin, Carl J. Email
[1957] Peterson, Jeanette (Jarvey) Email
[1957] Birnstihl, Bill Email
[1957] Settimi, Ron Email
[1957] Pikula, Carole Jean (Johnson) Email
[1957] Hedlund, Shirley Jean (Edwards) Email
[1958] Jackson, Bob Email
[1958] Rozinka, Joe Email
[1958] Richards, Robert Charles "Bob" Email
[1958] Jagunich, Joe J Email
[1958] Lyman, Elayne Marie (Leppanen) Email
[1959] Casper, Allen "Al" Email
[1959] Drajna, Fred Andrew Email
[1959] Campbell, Peggy Joyce (Mallaro) Email
[1959] Pellin, Carol J. (Lepisto) Email
[1959] Karakas, lou Email
[1961] Bush, Jim ""osa"" Email
[1961] Turk, John J. Email
[1961] Kokal, Peter Email
[1961] Eddy, Dale "Fitzo" Email
[1961] Debevec, Rudy Email
[1962] Karakas, Marcy (Postudensek) Email
[1962] Nelson, Steve Email
[1962] Stanisich, Jean Susan "Susie" (Jackson) Email
[1962] Wainio, Jim D. Email
[1962] Drajna, Mary Ellen "Airy Melon" Email
[1962] Hill, Carol Jean "None" (Jola) Email
[1962] Knowlton, Deejay (dorothy) "Deejay" (Sundeen) Email
[1962] Loff, Jon Newman Email
[1962] Patterson, Katherine "Kathy" (Schramm) Email
[1962] Shutte, Jon Email
[1962] Shutte, Jean Email
[1962] Saari, Ted J. Email
[1962] Thomas, Lowell Craig "Pasty" Email
[1963] Matheny, Raylene "Raye" (Call) Email
[1963] Johnson, Jackie E. (Jacobson) Email
[1963] Thomas, Carol Rose (Jacobson) Email
[1964] Woleben, Lynn Email
[1964] Johnson, Sandy (Sundlie) Email
[1964] Klander, Richard "Rick" Email
[1964] Maki, Thomas "Tom" Email
[1964] Debevec, Robert Bruce "Bobby" Email
[1964] Wainio, Pat (Schramm) Email
[1964] Torkkola, Catherine R. ""kay"" (Dwyer/korpi) Email
[1965] Chad, JoAnn (Miroslavich) Email
[1965] Lloyd, Robert Email
[1965] Luoma, Ted and Charlene (Riemath) Email
[1965] Mathews, Jr., Abe W. "Skip" Email
[1966] Oliver, Carol A (Stanisich) Email
[1966] Peterson Basch, Jean Email
[1966] Cremers, Kathryn "Kathy" (Richards) Email
[1967] Reed, Toni Lee "Toni" (Mancina) Email
[1967] Dewey, Jessica Ann "Jessi" (Norman) Email
[1967] Stickney, David J. ""Stick"" Email
[1967] Novakovich, Rosemary Email
[1967] Gregorich, Dale Email
[1968] Mihelich, Victor L "Vic" Email
[1968] Babich, Patricia "Patty" (Nemgar) Email
[1968] Babich, John Email
[1968] Bayuk, Tom Email
[1968] Josephson, Cheryl Christine (Snidarich) Email
[1968] Phillips, Mark Raymond "Max" Email
[1968] Phillips, Mark Raymond "Max" Email
[1968] Thompson, Michael R. "Mickey" Email
[1968] Spolarich, George William Email
[1969] Conner, Merna (Sedgeman) Email
[1969] Mason, Barbara Lorraine "Barb" (Warren) Email
[1969] Sagen, Larry Email - Homepage
[1969] Putzel, Mona (Zubert) Email
[1969] Holloway, Renee (Jarnstrom) Email
[1969] Fish, Patty (Sopp) Email
[1969] Bratulich, Suzi (Gregorich) Email
[1969] Anderson, Steve "Fredo" Email
[1969] krall, william f "schnuzzie" Email
[1969] Oberstar, John Anthony Email
[1969] Sabetti, Mark Email
[1970] Hein, Sue (Pouchnik) Email
[1970] Clark, Mary I. (Coldagelli) Email
[1970] Sabetti, Bruce J. Email
[1970] Sklors, Steve Ray Email
[1970] Hall,jr., Kenneth R. Email
[1970] Bertucci, James Email
[1970] Brown, Perry Email
[1970] Bayuk, Jerry M. Email
[1971] Brown, Brenda Lee (Warren) Email
[1971] Drobnick, Gary Ronald Email
[1971] DeRubis, Edward A. Email
[1971] JACOBSON, DOUG V "JAKE" Email
[1971] Perushek, John "Doggie" Email
[1971] Anderson, Lorrie (Barfknecht) Email
[1971] Lahde, Mary Kay (Krall) Email
[1971] Stickney, Shelby (Omersa) Email
[1971] Sagen, Judy Email
[1972] Krech, Cindy (Engels) Email
[1972] koepke, art "kupcake" Email
[1972] SUNDSTROM, LEON Email
[1972] Sedgeman, Katherine Leah (Hewett) Email
[1972] Carlson, Andrea (Leskar) Email
[1972] Gonzales, Mary Jo (Gonzales) Email
[1972] Tomassoni, Robert R "Was called Bob Updated 2007" Email
[1972] Johnson, Mary A. (Terch) Email
[1972] Lenci, Shirley M. "Squirrel" (Klander) Email
[1972] Thuringer, Janelle (Thomas) Email
[1973] Johnson, Scott E. Email
[1973] Sagen, Steve Email
[1973] Oven, Ron F, Email
[1974] Boman, Thomas A "Tom" Email
[1974] Erjavec, Kathryn Email
[1974] Hall, Deanna Rae "Dede" (Korpi) Email
[1974] Korpela, Dorothy Email
[1974] Lehto, Lynn Dee "Lynndee" (Jarnstrom) Email
[1974] Mihelich, Nancy Ann (Krall) Email
[1974] bozicevich, barbara (gulon) Email
[1974] Okoren, Ron "Jinxie" Email
[1974] Pazzelli, Robert John Email
[1974] Kvaternik, Greg Email
[1974] Batinich, Gary M Email
[1974] Mattson, Kim (Larsen) Email
[1974] Motley, John Email
[1975] Kvaternik, Andre Email
[1975] kangas, sherri ann (keating) Email
[1975] Thompson, David W Email
[1975] Reek, Michael Email
[1975] herschbach, jane v "janey banana" (thompson) Email
[1975] Gunderson, Jack Lee "Butch" Email
[1975] Frankenfield, Pat (Burja) Email
[1975] Fondurulia, Robin L (Warren) Email
[1975] Briski, Michael J. Email
[1975] MAYASICH, MARK S. Email
[1975] Babich, Peter J. Email
[1975] Intihar, Michael "Inti" Email
[1975] Briski, Michael J. Email
[1976] Spelts, Guy Email
[1976] Drobnick, Bruce Email
[1976] Spawn, Deb (Askew) Email
[1976] Trausch, Mary J. "Juksey" (Bayuk) Email - Homepage
[1976] Tuuri, Tim Email
[1976] Williams, Lisa Jean (Hanninen) Email
[1976] Putzel, Edward A. "beetle" Email
[1976] Newman, Camille J. "Cammy" (Karakas) Email
[1976] Menart, Anthony Mark "Tony" Email
[1976] Lutz, Danny S. "Luddy" Email
[1976] Koch, Yvonne (Beck) Email
[1976] Falkowski, Jamie M. (Squillace) Email
[1976] Delich, Phil Email
[1976] Beard, Mike Email
[1976] Anderson, Joanne (Krebs) Email
[1977] Vincent, Bonnie (Kosmach) Email
[1977] Peterson, Kim M. (Scuffy) Email
[1977] Intihar, Robin (Poaletti) Email
[1977] Drobnick, Linda (McKenzie) Email
[1978] Warren, Susan Marie (Ableman) Email
[1978] Scuffy, Carrie J. Email
[1978] Reek, Sandra (Roy) Email
[1978] Langowski, Debbie (Kostelic) Email
[1978] Dobak, Rhonda L (Warren) Email
[1978] Coldagelli, Tricia Ann Email
[1978] Anderson, Karen (Skerjance) Email
[1978] Johnson, Steve Email - Homepage
[1978] Robillard, Lois (Thieman) Email
[1979] Robillard, Bill Email
[1979] Robillard, Gordy Email
[1979] Nemanick, Paul Anthony "Cheech" Email
[1979] Landborg, Brian "pic" Email
[1979] Landborg, Brian "Pic" Email
[1979] Briski, Daniel Email
[1979] Rauzi, Wendy (Hiti) Email
[1979] Rauzi, Jim Email
[1980] Kesanen, Brian Todd Email
[1980] VanderLeest, Dave "Vandy" Email
[1980] Ponder, Kathy Jones Email
[1980] Corwin, Dorinda Lynn (Hill) Email - Homepage
[1980] Briski, Alan J. "Al" Email
[1980] Geisert, Roger Email
[1981] Briski, Sue (Horoshak) Email
[1981] Lokken, Jane L. (Hallstrom) Email
[1981] Stephens, Sherri (Wille) Email
[1981] Bischoff, Ron Email
[1982] Collins, Scott W. "Coot" Email
[1982] Pantsar, Kim Kay (Mellesmoen) Email
[1982] Lencowski, Leah M (Richards) Email
[1982] Pederson, Diana (Johnson) Email
[1982] Rosandich, Garlynn Donna (Spier) Email
[1982] Scuffy, Renee K. (Landborg) Email
[1982] Jola, Beth (Marohnic) Email
[1983] Peterlin, Dan Email
[1983] Hendrickson, Jack W. Email
[1983] Pratt, Cheryl (Pratt) Email
[1983] Scuffy Jr., Bob J. "Scuff" Email
[1983] Marsyla, Merella L. (Swanson) Email
[1983] Littler, Les "Luie" Email
[1983] Gruman, John R. "Gruesome" Email
[1983] Grummett, kit "Kitter" Email
[1983] Damberg, Paul Email
[1983] Drain, Kym (Karpen) Email
[1983] Bane, Juliann M. (Okoren) Email
[1983] Kosmach, Robert Thomas "Kozy" Email
[1983] Rosati, Jerry "Draw" Email
[1984] Lewandowski, Mary Kristin (Petrich) Email
[1984] Muhich, Shari L. (Jagunich) Email
[1984] Pauna, Ann "Annie" (Mattson) Email
[1984] Tanski, Sheryl L. "Ski" Email
[1984] Skraba, David "Diamond" Email - Homepage
[1984] Schulzetenberg, Katie (Coldagelli) Email
[1984] Hazelroth, Tim Email
[1984] Grumdahl, Judy (Johnson) Email - Homepage
[1984] Erjavec, Charles M. Email
[1984] Hamalainen, Dave "Hammer" Email
[1984] Branstrom, Steve Email - Homepage
[1984] Coldagelli, Katie P. Email
[1984] Kochevar, Robert Anthony "Bucko" Email
[1984] Briski, Tim J. Email
[1984] Case, Phil Email
[1985] Mattson, Stu Email
[1985] Larson, Connie (Streier) Email
[1985] Mattson, Richard "Rich or Richy" Email - Homepage
[1985] Littler, Marguerite "Grete" (Filipovich) Email
[1985] Hallstrom, Mike C. "who" Email
[1985] Hendrickson, Bob Email
[1985] Intihar, Tom "Inti" Email
[1985] Elverum, Therese Email
[1985] Briski, Michelle (Skraba) Email
[1985] Andrews, Deb (Boril) Email
[1985] Kvaternik, Frank "Kwatz/Fritz" Email
[1985] Schminski, Ann (Vanderleest) Email
[1986] Lutz, Kristie (Sundeen) Email
[1986] merz, sue e (juola) Email
[1986] Kultala, Sherri (Anderson) Email
[1986] Zollar, Tammy L. (Mcfaul) Email
[1986] Kinney, Barbara Email
[1986] Wainio, Craig James Email
[1986] Ahlstrand, Tammie Kristen "Tammie" (Twite) Email
[1986] Aubol, Shari L. Email
[1986] Boyles, Julie Email
[1986] Rosati, Todd Alan Email
[1986] Raduenz, Michelle Email
[1987] COOMBE, Chuck "Coombe" Email
[1987] Weinzirl, Shea Email
[1987] Sandy, Kelly Gene "Kelly Gene" (Clark) Email
[1987] Riedberger, Kim A. (Nordahl) Email
[1987] Johnson, Jodie Lyn (Cooke) Email
[1987] Moe, Tim Email
[1987] Johnson, Jodie Lyn Cooke Email
[1987] Mike, Julie S (Streier) Email
[1987] Coombe, Charles T. "Bigcoomz" Email
[1987] Bixby, Rich Email
[1987] Intihar, Margaret M. "Peg" Email
[1988] Dahl, Lisa Marie "Pfef" (Pfeffer) Email
[1988] Milton, Willy Email
[1988] Lovell, Julie (Josephson) Email
[1988] Gonzales, Michael James "Ganz" Email
[1988] Cadeau, Brenda "B" (Ladyviking) Email - Homepage
[1989] Lehman, Jenny "Super Jen" (Olson) Email
[1989] Robillard, Brent "robes" Email
[1989] Thomas, Carrie Email
[1989] A., Jennifer "Jay" (Case) Email
[1989] Thomas, Derek James Email
[1990] Vaughn, Micky Email
[1990] Anderson, Steve "Geb" Email
[1990] Johnson, Carrie (Gonzales) Email
[1990] Prasnicki, Kathy Mayme (Tassoni) Email
[1990] Morrow, Lisa (Fischer) Email
[1990] Vaughn, Micky Email
[1991] Mattson, Branden Email
[1991] Nelson, Alicia (Moe) Email
[1991] Zelesnikar, John "Beaver" Email
[1991] Twite, Todd Email
[1991] Gentilini, S Email
[1991] Nelson, Pete Email - Homepage
[1991] Mattson, Branden G Email
[1991] Mattson, Branden G. Email
[1991] Hellman, Amy A. Email - Homepage
[1991] Keith, Linda (Pratt) Email
[1991] Cooke, Patrick Email
[1992] Block, Theresa "Tracy" (Larsen) Email
[1992] Lloyd, Bryan T. Email
[1992] Larsen, Dan Email - Homepage
[1992] Maki, James Matthew Email
[1992] Babich, Andi Jo Email
[1992] Mattson, Lee (Richards) Email
[1992] Carr, Kim Marie (Pariseau) Email
[1992] Dolinsek, Dalas Email
[1993] Simonson, Dana Email
[1993] Forte, Jill Marie Email
[1994] Malnar (peterson), Tanya Email
[1999] Drobnick, Phillip Carl "Phillbert" Email
[2004] Hovet, Daisy Lee "Gymbarbie" Email
[2005] Sanders, Eric "Redneck or Sanders" Email
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