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Iron-Range Schools:

Eveleth / Gilbert
Greenway / Coleraine
Mesabi East
Mountain Iron
Nashwauk / Keewatin
Tower / Soudan
Alumni Listing For Hibbing
[1942] Cohoe, Dan P. Email
[1943] Spretnjak Savage, Bernadine (Zoretic) Email
[1943] Atkins, Jane L. (Mickelson) Email
[1947] Mcgraw, William Joseph "Joe" Email
[1947] Mcgraw, Josephine L. "Jo" (Slaughter) Email
[1948] Marinelli, Roland C. "Ron" Email
[1948] Sampson, William Richard "Bill" Email
[1948] Young, Dan R. Email
[1949] Bordon, Emil Email
[1949] Kelly, Harold Q "Pidg." Email
[1949] Kelly, Bette Lu (Halvorsen) Email
[1950] Ongaro, Carol (Sabbatini) Email
[1950] Zoretic, Jean Ardel (Nordstrom) Email
[1950] Fetzik, Charlotte "jane" (Coffin) Email
[1951] Erickson, Ardella J. "Della" (Moe) Email
[1951] Terzich, Marilyn (Moffat) Email
[1951] Anderson, Carl E Email
[1951] Erickson, Gordon A. "Gordy" Email
[1951] Zaic (Bergerson), Marilyn Email
[1951] Zaic, Marilyn Email
[1951] Dasseos, Marylin (Brown) Email
[1951] Beckman, Marilyn Jean "Micki" (Mchale) Email
[1952] Pavich, Ruth (Bucklen) Email
[1952] Mancuso, Arlene Ellen "Arlene" (Mchale) Email
[1952] Maddison, G. Harry Email
[1952] Tupa, Richard E. Email
[1952] Yahrmatter, Howard "Sonny" Email
[1953] Debelak, Robert Email
[1953] Tate, Richard Email
[1953] Tarro, Mary ann (Babich) Email
[1953] Brady, Thomas Email
[1953] Rapinac, James Email
[1953] Ventrella, Donna Mae (Cain) Email
[1953] Wilson, Betty Rae (Matsen) Email
[1953] Zawicky, Cecilia (Dreis) Email
[1953] Baratto, Margie (Albertini) Email
[1953] Fluke, Donald Email
[1953] Aanes, Betty (Lunka) Email
[1953] Adamich, Betty (Lenes) Email
[1953] Pierce, Joanna (Lukens) Email
[1953] Nadeau, Jerry Email
[1953] Dolence, Jerry Email
[1953] Edwards, Alice Email
[1953] Ekola, Leon Email
[1953] Focault, Bernadine (Burt) Email
[1953] Dwyer, Robert Emmett "Bob or Bobby" Email - Homepage
[1953] Golfis, Richard Email
[1953] Haben, Jeanne (Majerle) Email
[1953] Irish, Bernadine (Cavalier) Email
[1953] Jerome, Dorothy (Ayotte) Email
[1953] Kantos, Arlene (Johnson) Email
[1953] Mcguire, Phyllis (Moe) Email
[1953] Myaya, Joan (Lundquist) Email
[1953] Marsh, Russel Email
[1953] Myers, Blair Email
[1953] Neagbour, Mary Lou (McKanna) Email
[1953] Secore, Donald Email
[1954] Musech, Ronald F. Email
[1954] Mcguire, James Email
[1954] Niemi, Ronald A. Email
[1954] Walberg, Audrey (Murray) Email
[1954] Crowle, William Gordon "Bill" Email
[1954] Lundgren, Marvin R. Email
[1955] Braun, Richard R. "Dick" Email
[1955] Babich, Anthony Matthew "Tony" Email
[1955] Stark, Paul Email
[1955] Dylan, Robert "Zimmy" Email
[1955] Kirschling, Gerald Ralph "Jerry" Email
[1955] Musech, August Roger (auggie) Email
[1956] Martella, Paul B Email
[1956] Edwardson, Terry I. "Eddy" Email
[1956] Martella, Paul B. Email
[1956] Nelson, Robert Iver "Whitie" Email
[1956] Sampson, Janice Marie "Jan" (Kosola) Email
[1956] Wischhusen, Joanne Barbara (Anderson) Email
[1956] Yahrmatter, Joann (Westurn) Email
[1956] Braun, Dorothy Ann "Dixie" (Wiehe) Email
[1957] Mickelson, Maurice G. "Pix" Email - Homepage
[1957] Mickelson, Sandra A. (Passeri) Email - Homepage
[1957] LaFreniere, Paul Email
[1957] Klancher, Eddie "Eddie" (Klancher) Email
[1957] Johnson, Marilyn B. "Sizzle" (Fena) Email
[1957] Sprague, Allan M. Email
[1957] Martella, Alice (Saari) Email
[1957] Mickelson, Maurice G. "Pix,mick" Email
[1957] Defonso, Kathy (Micka) Email
[1957] Dwyer, Phillip Henry Email
[1957] Defonso, Kathy (Micka) Email
[1957] Goman, Roger Email
[1957] Johnson, Lawrence "larry" Bernard "Hippo" Email
[1957] Johnson, James (jim) "Urby" Email
[1957] Larson, Robert Carl "Bob" Email
[1957] Lyman, Roderick W. "Rod" Email
[1957] Lyman, Rod Email
[1957] Lyman, Rod Email
[1957] Lee, Nancy Joan (Kaiser) Email
[1957] Mickelson, Sandra A. (Passeri) Email
[1957] Baskin, Doreen (Yatso) Email
[1958] Brozovich, Ray Email
[1958] Marion, Jim Email
[1958] Sherrod, Carol A. (Yatso) Email
[1958] Sanford, Dale Email
[1959] Samsa, Ruth C (Stangfield) Email
[1959] Jobin, Diane L. (Nigra) Email
[1959] Johnson, Jim Wesley "Urby" Email
[1959] Davidson, Sally (McHale) Email
[1959] Niemi, Martha L. (Lyman) Email
[1959] Bonk, Nancy Gail (Nigra) Email
[1959] MacLeod, Jeffrey Email
[1959] Harry, Lee J. Email
[1959] Fabbro, Larry L. Email
[1960] Sheehy, John P. Email - Homepage
[1960] Raymond, Sharie Lou (Witt) Email
[1960] Rushfeldt, Roger Email
[1960] Sikkila, Carolann Marie (Gibson) Email
[1960] Clark, Margaret Lee "Muggs" (Hemphill) Email
[1960] Edwardson, Monte Email
[1960] Koski, David O. Email
[1960] Merry, Roger C. Email
[1960] Maloney, Sandra J. (Salo) Email
[1960] Erickson, Sandra Jean "Sandy" (Cavalier) Email
[1960] Nordvold, Richard A. "Dick" Email
[1960] Rajala, Joyce (Nelson) Email
[1960] Sampson, Claude Email
[1960] Sedlock, Robert Ogden "Bob" Email
[1960] Sherman, Frank A. Email
[1960] Boppre, Glenn Kenneth Email
[1961] Argir, Fred Email - Homepage
[1961] Million, Kathleen (Theisen) Email
[1961] Benolken, Jeanne (Rushfeldt) Email
[1961] Rosewall, Nancy (Catani) Email
[1961] Rogge, Diane Marie (Gazelka) Email
[1961] Nichols, Karen (Miettunen) Email
[1961] Lessman, Kathy (Sullivan) Email
[1961] Johnson, Dennis Odin Email - Homepage
[1961] Erickson, Stephen Email
[1961] Erickson, Cynthia Elise (Erickson) Email
[1961] Brozovich, Alicia (Morris) Email
[1961] Nash, Patrick W. Email
[1962] Mayer, Bill Email
[1962] Paver, Dennis Stephen Email
[1962] Hendrickson, Joanne B "Josie" (Hendrickson) Email
[1962] Howard, Lee J. Email - Homepage
[1962] Mcgraw, Michael Email
[1962] Martella, Don L "Donny" Email
[1963] Dorcy, Bob Dorcy John Email
[1963] Sanford, Robert W (Bob) Email
[1963] Swanson, Donald ""Slim"" Email
[1963] Forti, Daryl J. "Butch" Email
[1963] Kochaver, Marie Email
[1963] Tate, Hugh Vincent "Butch" Email
[1963] Whitney, Charles Everett "Chuck" Email
[1963] Marion, Gwen Nathalie (Williams) Email
[1963] Kotonias, Jim Email
[1963] Hendrickson, Don T "Big Red" Email
[1964] Lynch, Lyn (Peroceschi) Email
[1964] Shiemke, Vickie A. (Sanford) Email
[1965] Fabbro, Bob Email
[1965] DeLong, Terry Lee Email
[1965] Cox, Michele (Rogich) Email
[1965] Delong, Terry Lee "Pacrat" Email
[1965] Erickson, Mary M. "Sarg/major" (Goard) Email
[1965] Galatz, Larry L. "Butch" Email
[1965] Whitney, Patricia Ann "Patye" (Hecimovich) Email
[1965] Trask, Tom Email - Homepage
[1965] Mc Govern, Richard Email
[1965] Johnson, Richard Louis Email
[1965] Johnson, Curtis L. Email
[1965] hipple, jim Email
[1966] Jokela, Alan Email
[1966] Sikkila, John Joel Email
[1966] Sampson, David "walrus" Email
[1966] Ziskin, Bonnie Joy (Chez) Email
[1966] Seiloff, Michelle E. "Mickey" (Fatticci) Email
[1967] Csargo-Hove, Kathy E (Csargo) Email
[1967] pexpyvie, pexpyvie pexpyvie "pexpyvie" (pexpyvie) Email
[1967] unemndbo, unemndbo unemndbo "unemndbo" (unemndbo) Email
[1967] ldijwkvu, ldijwkvu ldijwkvu "ldijwkvu" (ldijwkvu) Email
[1967] Caligiuri, Allen J. Email
[1967] oqesxwem, oqesxwem oqesxwem "oqesxwem" (oqesxwem) Email
[1967] Hirt, Paula J. (Perpich) Email
[1967] Pederson, Mark G Email
[1967] Pederson, Linda R. (Smaaladen) Email
[1968] Tucker, Michael Andrew "Mike" Email
[1968] Sampson, Rosemary Email
[1968] Rojas, Charlene M "Char" (Bunetto) Email
[1968] Koskey, Richard "Dick" Email
[1968] Dostal, Thomas Charles Email
[1969] Galatz, Russ V. Email
[1969] fabbro, dick Email
[1969] lennartson, wade Email
[1970] Thiel, Richard Patrick "Mr. Mayor" Email
[1970] Rosenberg, Paul "Rosey" Email
[1970] Williams, Edward Twain Email
[1970] Kearney, Ilona Susan (Jarvi) Email
[1970] Schilling, Wendy L. (Mickelson) Email
[1970] Scott, Karen (Mannila) Email
[1970] Matonich, Mark L. "Marco" Email
[1970] Lazar, Natalie (Phillips) Email
[1971] Mcdonald, Mary M. (Macy) Email
[1971] Wimmer, Patty (Wozniak) Email
[1971] Wagner, Polly (Kochaver) Email
[1971] Varichak, Tom J. "Sonny" Email
[1971] Nollet, Tom Email
[1971] Hallock, Diane Email
[1971] Daniels, Terry Email - Homepage
[1972] Boyce, Ken Email
[1973] Elsner, Rodney Eujene "Rod" Email
[1973] Wirkkula, Dave Email - Homepage
[1973] Raddle, Val Dean Email
[1973] Beissel, Terry Email
[1973] Kesich, Patti Email
[1973] Csargo, Rosanne Marie Email
[1974] Sorenson, Alison Marie (Chamernick) Email
[1974] Zimmerman, Steven Ray "Zimmy" Email
[1974] Anderson, Rosemarie (Oberstar) Email - Homepage
[1974] Allman, Patty A. (Finn) Email
[1974] Mckain, Larry "Luke" Email
[1975] Harvotich, George Email
[1975] Hendrickson, Linda Ann (Yahrmatter) Email
[1975] Hendrickson, Linda Ann (Yahrmatter) Email
[1975] Daniels, Terry Lee Email
[1975] Salmi, John Email - Homepage
[1975] Polcher, Jeff Email
[1975] Manganello, Cindy Caroline "Cindy" (Hodge) Email
[1975] Meese, Jalayne (Clausen) Email
[1975] Molinaro, Robert James Email
[1975] Mitchell, Monte L. Email
[1975] Borbiconi, Kip "KIP" Email
[1976] Koski, Dianne E (Westberg) Email
[1976] Hendrickson, Lisa Ann (Mohr) Email
[1976] Kafut, Marybeth Email
[1976] Spawn, Robert "Spawny" Email
[1977] Olds, Ted Email
[1977] Olds, Ted W. Email
[1977] Hagsten, Anne M. (Hardy) Email - Homepage
[1977] French-deferrari, Leslie (Monson) Email
[1977] Dosen, Tim Email
[1977] Anderson, Eric L. Email
[1978] Thiel, R. J. Email
[1978] Brinkman, Paulette "Polly" (Enroth) Email
[1978] Rushfeldt, Pauline Emily (Puhek) Email
[1978] Tupa, Paulette Marie "Polly" (Enroth) Email
[1979] Polcher, Renee' Pat (Temple) Email
[1979] Mikkola, Jeff Email
[1979] Harris, Phil Email
[1979] Hendrickson, Keith Email
[1979] Bauman, Bill Email - Homepage
[1980] Ball, Tim "gremes" Email
[1980] Miller, Debra Jeanne (Wenen) Email
[1980] Stewart, Chris M. Email
[1980] Stoyke, Paul Email
[1981] Walters, Ken Jon Email
[1981] Raich, Thomas R Email
[1981] Menard, Sheila (Tawney) Email
[1981] Bauman, Jeannine (Anderson) Email - Homepage
[1981] Bymark, Todd "Byms" Email
[1982] Erkelenz, Lynn (Rathbun) Email
[1982] El-sabbagh, Lynn Ann (Tousignant) Email
[1982] Johnson, Douglas E. Email
[1982] Prtine, Alice (Sanborn) Email
[1982] Notermann, Molly (Johannsen) Email
[1982] Varichak, Jerry M Email
[1983] Wilkerson, Penny Renee (Benz) Email
[1983] Kruchoski, Brian Email
[1983] Motherway, Michael James "Mike" Email
[1983] Zidarich, Jeffrey Wayne "Zid" Email
[1983] Mericle, Debbie (Stougard) Email
[1983] Baumgardner, Jeff Email
[1983] Hebert, Lauren Email
[1983] Hendrickson, Kevin Email
[1983] Estey, Wendy M. (Ruzich) Email
[1983] Torrel, Leanne Email
[1983] Gustafson, Melissa June Email
[1984] Varichak, Mike Email
[1984] Estey, Kelly R. Email
[1984] Welsh, Nancy A. (Peuha) Email
[1984] Jaynes, Jerald Thomas "Jerry" Email
[1984] Garrelts, Mike D. Email
[1985] Marschalk, Elizabeth (Rusich) Email
[1985] Mjolsness, Stephanie (Baratto) Email
[1985] Jerome, Jay T. Email
[1985] Guest, Tracy L. (Jakich) Email
[1985] Jaynes, Tammy (Weir) Email
[1985] Exum, Tammy (Rowe) Email
[1985] Esterberg, Julie (Enger) Email
[1985] Ableiter, Michael Email
[1985] Tousignant, James D. "Tousy" Email
[1985] Enger, Julie Email
[1985] Brandt, Kathy Email
[1985] Rusich, Elizabeth Email
[1986] Baumann, Jeff Email
[1986] Boorman, Benjamin G. "Ben" Email
[1986] Lane, Donna E. "Duck" (Stougard) Email
[1987] Kalliomaa, Glori L. (Oberstar) Email
[1987] Pernat, Darryl E. Email
[1987] Zaitz, Brian "Z" Email
[1987] Racette, Thomas R Email
[1987] Sundvall, Scott Email - Homepage
[1987] Kapoor, Rajesh Kumar "sheik" Email
[1987] Hietala, Jeff Daven Email
[1987] Zidarich, Pamela (Stanisich) Email
[1987] Gilliter, Joe Email
[1987] Christiansen, Mark W. "Sparky" Email
[1987] Buria, Lisa Marie (Lamke) Email
[1987] Timmerman, Heather Email
[1988] Berg, Jennifer (Carter) Email
[1988] Brown, Charlie "Cully Brown" Email
[1988] Danielson, Susan (Kapla) Email
[1988] Swenson, Nathan Email
[1988] Childs, Julie (Nelson) Email
[1988] Sabin, Trina Email
[1988] Kapla, Sue Email
[1988] Booth, John Email
[1988] Fredrickson, Sarah L. Email
[1989] Jesperson, Melinda "Mindy" (Robinson) Email
[1989] Larson, Tom Email
[1989] Roemer, Jeffrey D. "Jeff" Email
[1989] radika, jesse Email
[1989] Furlong, Pat Email
[1990] Prewitt, Tammy L. (Blaylock) Email
[1990] Varichak, Tony Email
[1990] Varichak, Terry Email
[1990] Aamodt, Joseph Email
[1990] Baumann, Greg Email
[1990] Collins, Justin Email
[1990] Fisher, Jesse Email
[1991] Lamke, Kristie Lynn Email
[1991] Neumann, Jinyeene Marie Email
[1991] Bergerson, Dawn S. (Zierman) Email
[1992] Hanson, Calisa Email
[1992] Speece, Douglas Phil "Hamster" Email
[1992] Reunion, Class Email - Homepage
[1992] Hanson, Heidi Email
[1992] Stimac, Jeff "Chicky" Email - Homepage
[1992] Benolken, Cheryl (Simons) Email
[1992] Mattson, Jennipher J. "Jj" (Krauth) Email
[1992] Anderson, Tiffany (Halverson) Email
[1992] Fatticci, Anthony Michael Email
[1992] Lampi, Joey (Nelson) Email
[1993] Henry, Brian Email
[1993] Nault, Lucia Amanda (Nault) Email
[1993] Quinn, Scott Email
[1994] Doesken, Shane Email
[1994] Peterson, Robert Arthur Email
[1995] Erickson, Annette (Roth) Email
[1996] Brandt, Carolyn Marie Email
[1996] ODonnell, Alicia C (Starnes) Email
[1996] Kerr, Lauren Kyle Email
[1997] Caldwell, Kelly Lynn Email
[2000] Lucia, Anthony Patrick "Tony" Email
[2006] Mn, Hibbing Email - Homepage
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